21 Days Of Prayer For Your Business - Pack of 10

  • $13000

What can be better than devoting 21 days of prayer to your business???? Glad you asked that question! Bringing 9 other friends along with you on this journey. HELLO, that rocks. The price drops to $13.00 a book when you buy a ten pack. SCORE. This is perfect for those wanting to gift books to friends or go in with a group who is doing a study together to reduce the cost per book. I am so excited you are bringing others along for the ride. That's what this is ALLLL about. You are such a WORLD CHANGER!

This book is 7"x9" in size and 176 pages. We will cover 21 topics of prayer for your business. This is a book/workbook and I pray it blesses your business and your life beyond words.

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