Infuse Goals Card (Free Digital Download)

  • $000

Need an idea of ways to use your extra stickers, OR a reason to buy another pack? Here is a FREE downloadable graphic for you to print out and use to record your team members' goals. 

If you have a team that is local to a class and incorporate this into it. Talk about goals and have them fill these out and then take them home to hang on their fridge or workroom. Better yet, if you want to kick it up to a whole new level of awesome...have them put these in frames. You can buy wooden frames from Michaels or other craft stores, have some paint on hand for them to use, and you will be having a CRAZY GOOD TIME...come on, you know it's true. 

If your team is NOT local to you...then discuss goals in your facebook groups, then YOU fill these out and pop them in the mail to your team member as a surprise. Who doesn't love happy mail? You can leave it as just the card, or put it in a frame for them to sit on their desk at home. Whatever, or HOWEVER you decide to use these cards, you can NOT go wrong. 

Let's start setting some goals...shall we???

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